Independent Practice of Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis

Soren R. Ekstrom, PhD

Independent Practice of Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis


Dr. Soren Ekstrom is a clinical psychologist and Jungian trained psychoanalyst.


Originally trained in Zürich, Switzerland, he has for many years been in private practice in the Boston area and has taught and lectured about psychotherapy internationally. He has published papers about cognitive science and psychoanalysis and he is the author of a recent book on memory research and psychotherapy, “Memory and Healing”. Currently, he teaches and supervises at the C.G. Jung Institute – Boston.

Aside from his original training at the CG Jung Institute – Zürich, he has trained in Family Systems Therapy and Self Psychology and has attended special conferences and seminars on psychological trauma, neuroscience, and psychotherapy research.



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We may never be able to document fully, from session to session, how healing takes place in a patient; however, we must assume that the effectiveness of the therapist’s communication is a major factor. Patients absorb and eventually integrate into their lives outside the therapeutic setting how the therapist uses memory. Patients learn from how their therapists remember; and what their therapist remembers will activate further recollection, which in turn helps their therapist understand more aspects of his or her patient.