Independent Practice of Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis


Areas of Practice

After many years of practice, Dr. Ekstrom has incorporated several psychodynamic paradigms into his Jungian training.  He is also a trained couple therapist. Dr. Ekstrom limits his practice to adult patients.


Analytic psychotherapy is a broadly based approach to exploring psychological issues in a safe and confidential environment. Analytical psychotherapy may involve specific issues related to family, marriage or occupation, but also facilitates a search for meaning and purpose, thus change and renewal. In some instances, the therapy may involve specific problems related to anxiety, depression or symptoms resulting from traumatic experiences.

Analytic psychotherapy or analysis is generally open-ended and often involves work with dreams and other depth psychological approaches.  At its core, however, it is based on a trusting therapeutic alliance between the analysand and the analyst, patient and therapist.


Dr. Ekstrom is a trained couple therapist with many years of experience working with relationship issues as a couple consultant. Generally, a briefer format than analytic psychotherapy, it can be of great value for couples seeking access to fuller forms of communication and intimacy.


Dr. Ekstrom has served as an external reader in academic doctoral programs and has consulted in areas such as memory research and psychotherapy, narrative psychology, and dream and sleep research to other mental health professionals.


Dr. Ekstrom has served as clinical supervisor in several training institutes and for many mental health professionals.  He is also available for private consultations for mental health professionals.


Dr. Ekstrom has offered workshops, lectures and seminars in many settings and has presented his research in professional journals (see attached CV). He is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Analytical Psychology and was the main editor for the Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice. He serves as an advisor for doctoral students and candidates in analytic training.